Wholesale Bread

All of our bread is baked by our specialist trained bakers using quality Heygates and Marriages flour and ingredients. It is baked every day to order. If you can't find it in your local store please ask if they will order it for you. 


White Bread

The white bread we make has been made to the same recipe for the last 25 years.  Our flour is sourced from English Farms and Milled by Heygates Flour.


Granary, Seedy and Wholemeal Bread

For those looking for something other than white bread we do a range of Granary, Wholemeal and Multiseed breads.  We  also make a small range of specialty breads including Corn Bread.

White Bread

White Bread

Our bread is made using only the necessary preservatives and salt.  our policy is to make everything as fresh and additive free as we can.